More Details About Availability Of The Sony Xperia E Revealed

The Sony Xperia E was announced last week as a budget addition to the Japanese manufacturer’s Android powered Xperia range. There are a number of impressive Xperia devices in terms of high end and mid-range offerings but until now there has not really been an entry level handset in the line-up.


The Sony Xperia E will be the first such device, and looks set to be a popular choice. The phone has an appealing spec list considering its affordable price tag. Key features of the phone include a 3.5 inch display, 4GB of internal storage which is expandable with a microSD slot, 1GHz single core processor and a 3.15 megapixel camera. Despite being the most affordable device in the range, the Xperia E comes with Android v4.1 Jellybean, the latest instalment of the Google owned OS while many of its higher end counterparts are still awaiting an update from the previous Ice Cream Sandwich version.


Pricing for the phone will be around £130 as mentioned in our previous report on the phone. Now, details of the phone’s planned availability have began to surface. While a Q1 launch was always in the pipeline, a more specific date of February 2013 has now been revealed by Carphone Warehouse, which has also made the phone available for pre-order on its website. While the SIM-free Xperia E will be an affordable phone, though it will of course be even cheaper for those who decide to take out a pay monthly contract for the phone as it will be subsidised by the network and will be free in many cases.


The Xperia E is going to be launched alongside a dual-SIM variant called the Xperia E Dual. This phone will have the exact same spec list with the added bonus of dual-SIM functionality and will be marginally more expensive than the standard version.


Once more info about the phone’s availability and pricing becomes available we will keep you updated.

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